7 Secrets from Hindu Calendar Art Devdutt Pattanaik







Category: Mythology
Publisher: Westland Limited
Publisher (Gujarati): RR Sheth & Co.
Publisher (Hindi): Prabhat Prakashan
Publisher (Malayalam): Westland Limited (forthcoming)
Publisher (Tamil): Westland Limited (forthcoming)
Rights: European and Indian language rights available (excluding translation rights for Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil)

Hindu Calendar Art may be gaudy and kitsch, but it is the most modern and democratic expression of a mythic imagery that once adorned temple walls and palm leaf manuscripts. They speak a language that is indifferent to rationality. It is the language of a people’s faith. In this book, Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, translates this language and reveals an ancient Indian truth that will certainly impact your life.