Adeline Foo

Adeline Foo is an MFA graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has 18 published children’s books, with five national bestsellers. The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush! won the inaugural Red Dot award for ‘Best Junior Fiction’ presented by the International Schools Libraries Network of Singapore in 2009.  The Diary of Amos Lee has been published by Hachette India and Lentera Hati in Bahasa in Indonesia.  The books were adapted for a ten-part TV series on Singapore’s MediaCorp children’s channel, Okto. The screenplay was written by Adeline.


The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush! by Adeline Foo

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Category: Children
Publisher (Singapore): Epigram
Publisher (India): Hachette India

This diary began as Mum’s New Year resolution to get me to write. She told me to write when I am doing my big business. “Five to eight minutes max!” she said. “I don’t want you to develop piles!” And so my writing in the bathroom began. My entries started with the boring old stuff… then Mum got this new job as a writer and, following her around, I got to do fun stuff, like ogle at deformed frogs, see into the future with a fortune-telling parrot and wow at a life-sized F1 car made of chocolate! That’s how I got more interesting things to write about. Plus, I had to deal with an EVIL bully who was tormenting me at school… thank goodness for my best friends, Alvin and Anthony, we rallied against the bully and got through this year with lots of adventures and good fun!

The Diary of Amos Lee: Girls, Guts & Glory! by Adeline Foo

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Category: Children
Publisher (Singapore): Epigram
Publisher (Indian subcontinent): Hachette India

The story of Amos continues. He is still writing his diary in the toilet, but he has found a way to hide it from Mum’s prying eyes. Amos joins the school’s swim team and learns about hunger, not the sort to make you want to eat food, but the drive to excel and win medals in competitions! The themes in Book 2 touch on family, friendship and loyalty. Lessons are also drawn from Olympic legends like Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis and Sebastian Coe, in inspiring legions of young athletes to be the best in both studies and sports. Amos seeks his Olympic dream, in this second installation.


The Diary of Amos Lee: I’m Twelve, I’m Tough, I Tweet! by Adeline Foo

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Category: Children
Publisher (Singapore): Epigram
Publisher (Indian subcontinent): Hachette India

Amos, in his last year in primary school, resolves to be voted as the most popular boy in school. But running against him is Michael, his arch enemy. In the fight for votes, Amos learns to tweet, but what he isn’t prepared for is the power of cyber warfare when Michael turns to YouTube and Facebook to cheat. Will Amos go down in the history of his school as the biggest twirp?

The Diary of Amos Lee: Your DIY Toilet Diary to Fame by Adeline Foo

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Category: Children
Publisher (Singapore): Epigram
Publisher (Indian Subcontinent): Hachette India

Now that I’m a bestselling toilet diarist, Mom says that I have to help you start writing your diary as well! Oh man… being famous really comes with a price, doesn’t it? This D.I.Y diary is peppered with fun stuff, doodles and personality tests to get you started on the road to fame. There is no short cut! It’s a lot of hard work! And it begins with writing.

The Diary of Amos Lee: Lights, Camera, Superstar! by Adeline Foo

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Category: Children
Publisher (Singapore): Epigram Books
Publisher (Indian Subcontinent): Hachette India

When his diaries are stolen and published, Amos thinks his world is coming to an end. But what he doesn’t realise is that he’s going to become really famous! Adoring fan mail, girls throwing themselves at his feet and, with 5,000 friends on Facebook, yes… FINALLY! Life looks to be turning around!

But when a TV Director offers to adapt his diaries into a TV show, Amos learns that a new boy will take over from him in becoming Singapore’s Most Famous Toilet Diarist! Filled with insane jealousy and a desire to right a wrong, Amos vows to do all that he can to stop the show. But will he succeed?



Thomas Titans: Men Among Boys by Adeline Foo

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Category: YA
Publisher: Om Books

When Ayush, an Indian-Chinese street kid, gets accepted into one of Singapore’s oldest and most prestigious boys’ schools, he thinks he can start life afresh.  No one will know of his shady past, not when his newfound friend is but a fat, bumbling and innocent boy by the name of Lasso.

But Lasso has something Ayush doesn’t − a father… and the beautiful Ariel, a ‘mermaid’ acting in a school play.

When Ayush’s dangerous past comes back to torment him, he unwittingly gets his two friends involved with gangsters.  Will Ayush find a way to free himself from the gang – and will he let jealousy get in his way to save Lasso and Ariel?

Thomas Titans 2 by Adeline Foo (forthcoming)

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Category: Young Adult
Publisher: Om Books International
Rights: World Rights Available (excluding Indian subcontinent, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East (UAE))

Ayush, Lasso and Edward vie for the top spot in the national youth team of the Thomas Titans.  At the same time, Ayush hatches an illegal scheme to make money to find his way to India to look for his father. But when he finally meets him, will he be able to forgive his father and reconcile with him? When Ayush’s crime catches up with him, he is forced to choose between giving up his spot in Thomas Titans to remain in school, or to stay in the league but be committed to a delinquent boys’ home.