Dance Like a Man


Vodafone presents
in association with Morarka Organic and Siyahi

The Prime Time Theatre Company’s



A Play by Mahesh Dattani

Produced & directed by Lillete Dubey

on Monday 23rd August, 2010,

6.45 pm onwards

at the SMS Convention Centre,

Swai Ram Singh Road

After a hiatus of four months, Siyahi is back to rejuvenate the cultural milieu of Jaipur, with the Primetime Theatre Company’s production of Mahesh Dattani’s much-celebrated play, Dance like a Man. This play, which is full of humour, pathos and is the epitome of modern Indian realism, will be held at SMS Convention Centre on Monday, 23rd August 2010 at 6.45pm. Produced and directed by the illustrious Lillete Dubey and performed by an equally talented cast and crew, the evening is bound to be a memorable and thought provoking experience.

The event is presented by Vodafone who are working towards promoting theatre in the country.

Dance Like A Man

The story of Jairaj and Ratna, two Bharat Natyam dancers past their prime, is contrasted with that of their daughter Lata, who is on the brink of establishing herself as a brilliant dancer. Her imminent success creates tension and jealousy, and the audience is drawn into the dark secrets of family relationships and conflicts between generations. The play probes the surface of the characters to question their deeper motivations, but the mode is comic rather than tragic. Even though the concerns are serious, you are never sure whether to laugh or cry.

Cast: Vijay Crishna, Joy Sengupta, Suchitra Pillai and Lillete Dubey

Duration: 90 minutes

The play is in 2 Acts with an intermission of 15 minutes.

The Prime Time Theatre Company

The Primetime Theatre Company was established in the year 1991 by the famous actor/director Lillete Dubey with an intention to promote original Indian writing. The group has been serving Mumbai Theatre with its astonishingly brilliant plays from the past 15 years now. Few of the group’s famous plays are Dance Like a Man, 30 Days in September and Sammy.


Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile telecommunication network company is the presenting sponsor of the event. They have always been actively involved in encouraging and promoting literary and cultural events in Jaipur.

Morarka Organic

Morarka Organic was set up in 2006 as the marketing arm for Morarka Foundation to facilitated linkages between organic producers, traders and consumers. Morarka Organic having the unique distinction of being the first organized player in India has been promoting organic philosophy & lifestyle across the country through various events. They are the associate sponsor of the event.

Jai Mahal Palace

The Jai Mahal Palace is the Venue & Hospitality partner for the event. Set amidst 18 acres of beautifully landscaped Moghul gardens, this incomparable Palace has been a host for many literary and cultural events in the city.