Reading Literature Today co-authored by Tabish Khair

Category: Reference
Publisher: Sage Publications

The book is a fascinating, unusual and path-breaking intervention in current debates on reading and literature by two accomplished and active writers (Tabish Khair and Sebastien Doubinsky) who are also voracious readers and eminent scholars. The two complementary essays – one on literature and the other on reading – focus largely on texts in English and French, but also refer to other literatures. The writers taken up for discussion include William Shakespeare, Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Marcel Proust, Charles Baudelaire, Franz Kafka, William Burroughs, Dylan Thomas, Attia Hosain, Albert Wendt, Zadie Smith, Philip Hensher, Mohsin Hamid and many others.

The authors: Tabish Khair and Sebastien Doubinsky