Jaal: The Web by Sangeeta Bahadur

Category: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Picador India
Book 1 in The Kaal Trilogy

Jaal: The Web is the first book of The Kaal Trilogy. The trilogy is set in an imagined world reminiscent of India in the immediate post-Vedic Era. Each book of the trilogy outlines a different phase in the highly unusual life of the main protagonist, Arihant. He shoulders an awesome responsibility, the easier part of which is to destroy Aushij, the Lord of Maya, tricked into a Prison of Dreams by his siblings many millennia ago. Confronted with enemies, human and Mayavi, Arihant must also come to terms with the results of choices he has made, and the dizzying, often shocking, unfolding of his own purpose and potential. In the ultimate analysis, the trilogy is an exploration of the idea of the self – who am I, what am I, why am I?