The Emperor’s Writings by Dirk Collier

Category: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Amaryllis Books
Publisher (Dutch): Lannoo
Publisher (Turkish): Kaknus Yayinlari (forthcoming)
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Turkish and Dutch rights for Belgium and Netherlands)

Admirably researched and written in magnificently evocative, compelling prose, The Emperor’s Writings narrates the true story of Akbar‘s life and times. It covers his swift, spectacular rise to absolute power, amidst strife and intrigues, and often against overwhelming odds. It also outlines his remarkably modern vision of a prosperous, diverse and tolerant India. His eventful personal life, with friendships, enmities and love affairs, against the backdrop of the tragic conflict with Salīm (Jahāngīr), his only surviving son and successor, is also part of the novel.