All Our Days by Keya Ghosh

Category: Fiction
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The three of them met at a séance where the moving coin spelt out the bond that would hold them together – they would be held by friendship, love and blood for all their days.

Their friendship grew in the girls’ hostel where they learnt to survive the city of Mumbai. Chandni was from the small town of Bareilly but determined to be a star. Manini was a Delhi girl brought up with lots of money and very little love. Iravati remained a mystery with a past that she refused to talk about. It was love that led to the first break in their friendship. But it was their love for each other that drew them back again. Then blood was spilt – and they were bound together for all their days.

A story of living, loving and surviving the hard city of Mumbai. Of following your dreams when no one except your friends will stand by you. This book tells the story of three girls whose friendship sustains them through heartbreak, loss and finally murder.