In Another Time By Keya Ghosh

Category: Fiction
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She is a simple housewife, running her home, looking after her husband and children. But in another time she was something else. And the past is about to catch up with her.

Durga has tried very hard to leave her family secret behind. The secret she discovered when she came home to India after having been brought up in America all her life. She returned to an extremely protective family. She was not allowed out of the house without an escort. Her father had told her he and his business were under threat. But then she learnt the truth of the family business in a hail of bullets. Her father was actually a key underworld figure. She and her sister were the only survivors of a bloodbath that wiped out the rest of the family. They fled and Durga left that life behind.

But her father had told her, “You may leave the past. The past will never leave you.” Now the past is back and the simple housewife will have to make some very difficult choices to survive.