No More Tomorrows by Keya Ghosh

Category: Fiction
Rights: All rights available

The girl on the bed was beautiful, she was young and she was rich. And she was dying. For all the money that her businessman father spent, he could not buy her one more day. Then, suddenly, the past offered hope.

Sheetal Khandelwal discovers the family secret. She is not an only child. She has a twin sister who was lost at a railway station when they were both children. A twin could be a perfect bone marrow match. Her father manages to track his lost daughter down – only to discover that she is a prostitute in Grant Road. The girl who has known only the gullies of Grant Road finds herself transported to the world of the super-rich. The two sisters meet and find that they have nothing in common – except that one of them can save the other’s life. With the shadow of death over them, they struggle to find a bond that will last beyond tomorrow.