Thomas Titans: Men Among Boys by Adeline Foo

Category: YA
Publisher: Om Books

When Ayush, an Indian-Chinese street kid, gets accepted into one of Singapore’s oldest and most prestigious boys’ schools, he thinks he can start life afresh.  No one will know of his shady past, not when his newfound friend is but a fat, bumbling and innocent boy by the name of Lasso.

But Lasso has something Ayush doesn’t − a father… and the beautiful Ariel, a ‘mermaid’ acting in a school play.

When Ayush’s dangerous past comes back to torment him, he unwittingly gets his two friends involved with gangsters.  Will Ayush find a way to free himself from the gang – and will he let jealousy get in his way to save Lasso and Ariel?

The author: Adeline Foo