A Story For Mukti by Jill MacDonald

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India
Rights: World rights available  (excluding Indian subcontinent)

Habib met Jill in 1955 at the Edinburgh Festival whilst on a drama scholarship from India. Although very different in terms of family background and born on different continents, the attraction between them was instant and enduring.

A year after that first meeting, Habib left England on an epic tour of Europe and Russia in order to experience as much theater as he could. His revolutionary thoughts and creative approach to theater would not have developed as they did, without that journey. For over two years he traveled through Europe earning his living as best he could, often running out of money and food. All during this time he documented his adventures in letters to Jill that have never been brought to life until now.

In these letters, he describes his experiences; of loneliness and struggle, warm friendships and valuable meetings, together with practical discomforts and challenges, only his sheer tenacity and love of travel keeping him going. On returning to India in 1958, the correspondence continued.

These letters also provide a bridge between two contrasting worlds; of a left-wing Indian Thespian destined to be recognized for his originality world-wide, and of a young artistic English girl born into a distinguished family of writers and journalists.

The author: Jill MacDonald