Toke: Jugal Mody



A book-reading and conversation was held for Toke by Jugal Mody at Wassup Café, Jaipur 21st September 2012.

So Lord Vishnu showed up one morning when I was really stoned and asked me to save the world from turning undead. How did I save the world? I didn’t. We did. And while saving the world, I got to forcefully kiss the girl of my dreams. Many times. My best friends got to smoke a lot of good shit. A lot more than they would have otherwise smoked in that much time. They also got to crash an airplane outside Santacruz airport and kill a lot of poor people. But don’t worry, they were not people when they died. We were joined on our quest by two Japanese girls who can kill people with their pinkies, one of whom forcefully kissed Danny. Yes, there was a lot of non-consensual kissing in this adventure. With tongue.

Hi. I’m Nikhil. This is my story. And I swear I have a t-shirt to prove it.

Jugal Mody believes that only comedy can save the world from its people. Or at least him from them. He has handled web and social media for Filmfare and Tehelka. Jugal started writing fiction six years ago while he was still struggling to clear his computer engineering exams. As a rule, he only writes to feel like a dog with his head sticking out the window of a moving car.