I Am Life by Shraddha Soni

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent)

An edgy, modern-day fable that takes you on a mystical journey with life.

‘You are from India — the land of three hundred and thirty million Gods, and you say you don’t believe in even one of them? I think it’s time to go home, Sid.’

Andrea’s words have been echoing in my head since last night when she poured another round of scotch. I entered God in the Google search bar and of all the places it directed me to India – a place where I had buried my childhood dream eleven years ago and moved to New York. I have vague memories of India and its spirituality. I waved God away when I got to New York and to be honest, I didn’t need Him either. Until now…

Life’s always been a bitch but this time it’s gone too far. I want my money and my company back and I will find God one way or the other to get my answers.