Time Racers by Gayathri Ponvannan

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

What if you could change the past?

13-year-old Pratik Pallavanathan, aka PP, braces himself for the dullest vacation ever when his grandmother insists on a trip to their long-forgotten ancestral village. But things change from boring to bizzare pretty quickly when PP sees a phantom in his bedroom – a phantom that looks a lot like him. Weirder events are in store for PP when he gets lost in the maze-like corridors of the family temple and finds himself in the 1920s, face-to-face with the person he’d almost dismissed as an apparition.

Funny, intriguing and breathlessly paced, Time Racers is a compelling story about what it means to navigate through time and history.

Author: Gayathri Ponvannan