Time Racers by Gayathri Ponvannan

Category: Fiction/YA
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

13-year-old Pratik Pallavanathan, aka PP’s easy life in Dubai takes a horrendous turn, when, during a holiday in India, his redoubtable grandmother insists on a trip to their long-forgotten ancestral village.

Cooped in a setting straight off his nightmares – a rambling house, on-off electricity, no Internet, and annoying relatives – PP feels he’s losing his mind.

When the hallucinations begin, the mind-losing notion is substantiated.

In a series of bizarre events, he sees a phantom in his room, roofs seem to cave inexplicably, the family’s pet cow acts weird in his presence – and a dilapidated corridor leads him to a strange land, straight to his hallucination. A flabbergasted PP realizes he has time-travelled to 1920, and the hallucinatory phantom is his own ancestor of the time, Simha.

PP also realizes his mysterious connection with Simha – Simha is the only person who can free PP of the past. And PP is the only one who can help Simha face his troubles.

Can PP ward off the catastrophe that’s approaching Simha? And can he help realize Simha’s dream?