Do You Know Any Good Boys? by Meeti Shroff Shah

Category: Memoir
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

‘So Meeti, do you cook?’
‘Sometimes … Pasta.’
‘How about nice, round rotis?’
If I were a little kid, this could be the moment I flung a toy car at his face.

When Meeti Shroff-Shah recruited her parents to find her a husband, she didn’t think she’d have to meet more than forty men before she was married.
As she waded through biodatas, signed up on matrimonial sites, frequented astrologers, dealt with meddling aunties and made her way through the terrifying arranged-marriage jungle, she discovered within herself a rare kind of perseverance and the very vital ability to laugh at most things.

In her outrageously funny book, Do You Know Any Good Boys?, Meeti guides the reader step by step, latte by latte, on how to brave the process of the modern Indian arranged marriage and emerge triumphant, with spirit intact and ring finger appropriately bedecked.

The author: Meeti Shroff Shah