Daddykins by Kalpana Mohan

Category: Memoir
Publisher: Bloomsbury India (forthcoming)
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent)

When Daddykins, 89, took ill in Chennai, India, Kalpana Mohan flew down from California to be by his side. Her sister was always Daddykins’ primary caregiver; due to circumstances, however, the author found herself assuming responsibility for an indeterminate period of time in a town that had once nurtured her. With an uncertain prognosis following his illness, the author began life with her father and his impertinent chauffeur Vinayagam. What began as a lesson in geriatric and palliative care for Daddykins became a different kind of tutorial altogether. As she cared for him, their three worlds collided in new and unexpected ways – the world of Daddykins, Vinayagam and her own – teaching her unforgettable lessons on love, loss, responsibility, poverty, entitlement, faith, respect, caste, money, education, family, housekeeping, hope, aging, death and the human spirit.