Making It Big by Binod Chaudhary

Category: Autobiography
Publisher (Nepal): Nepa~laya
Publisher (Indian subcontinent, Singapore, UAE): Penguin Random House India
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian Subcontinent, Singapore, UAE)

Binod Chaudhary: Making It Big is the story of an ordinary Kathmandu boy, who had big dreams and the discipline to achieve them. The autobiography talks about all major, personal and professional achievements of his life, touching upon the failures and how he learnt from them.

Through his candid story-telling, Mr. Chaudhary discusses his relationship with the erstwhile Royal family of Nepal, his international investments, his business acquisitions and rivalries. Making It Big also gives the readers a glimpse into the household that Binod Chaudhary grew up in. His father, a very shrewd and successful business man, was his biggest inspiration.