Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship by S Parthasarathy

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications

What needs of entrepreneurs are met by meeting the unmet needs of the customer? Do market conditions attract a person to take up entrepreneurship or is there a characteristic in us that attracts us to opportunities of a specific kind that are most likely to result in successful business ventures and aligned to who we are? Needs play a central role in entrepreneurship and the author puts forth refreshing new insights into the structure and role of needs in discovering customers, market segmentation, finding routes to markets and positioning.

The need for emotional intelligence, growth, innovation, new idea generation, empathetic communication, congruence to actions and coping with business failures are explored using various models, use cases and illustrations. The perspectives are unique, interesting and provokes the reader to question, reflect and refine his/her thoughts on certain core fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

MBA students, Entrepreneurs, Marketing personnel, Academicians, Leaders etc. will find value in the ideas articulated in this book. The idea is to trigger the reader to think, reflect and derive meaning that is most apt to his or her circumstances.

The author: S Parthasarathy