Keshava by Bhawana Somaaya

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Fingerprint!

Tulsi personifies the quintessential Indian woman: She is Goddess and she is prosperity. She is chastity and also a lover. She uplifts spiritually and heals physically. She is belief, she is tradition. Tulsi is the sublime beauty of nature. She is mother universe. Krsna Tulsi and Seven Wonders are folklores associated with the legend of Lord Krsna. This is a book of all who Ksrna loved and imbibed life into be it the Tulsi plant, the Bassuri or flute, the Kadamb tree where he romanced with his beloved Radhe in Vrindavan. Lord Krsna loved Kamal, the Lotus flower that remained fragrant and pure despite the kichad surrounding it, which was Krsna’s message of life as well. The book introduces us to Kamdhenu better known as the wish fulfilling cow and constant companion of Kaanha the cowherd and the relevance of Shankh, the conch in Dwarikadish Krsna the emperor’s life.