Pawan by Sorabh Pant

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Arjun Singh is absolutely delighted. He is about to be murdered by a bunch of goons on a terrace in Lucknow. He has sought his own death for eons and his forthcoming murder has him nervously excited. Unfortunately, things do not go as per plan. Much to Arjun’s chagrin, he manages to live. But, things are about to get a lot worse than his failed death.

Arjun is a Chartered Accountant but behind this façade he’s protecting his identity as the last vanara – an almost indestructible specie of humanoids; a power that Arjun would gladly exchange for a bushel of bananas and a vat of rum.

And now, some people know exactly who or what Arjun is, and his capabilities. He is pushed into a losing battle for a country he has no loyalty toward. Worse still: he’s not sure if his services will be tax deductible.

Pawan is a story of a reluctant hero who transforms into a legend in a war he never wanted to fight. It’s a story of the futility of war, political subterfuge, sacrifice and a whole lot of rum.

The author: Sorabh Pant