Gurleen Rambal by Divvaakar (forthcoming)

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications (forthcoming)

A powerful Delhi family falls prey to politics and loses all its wealth. Gurleen Rambal must not only come to terms with her low finances and fallen social status, but also grapple with her dead husband’s humiliating will. To inherit the estate, she must own up to an adultery and confess the identity of her son’s father. Tricked by her wicked lawyer and banker, she is forced to begin life afresh on the streets of Delhi, as a taxi driver. And then she lands up in a policewoman’s custody for manslaughter.

Gurleen Rambal is the amazing story of a straight-to-the-bone, honest-as-an-arrow, gritty woman’s struggle to regain her home, her son, her wealth and her honour. On her own terms.

The author: Divvaakar