Anon. by Bhavani Iyer

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing

‘Anon.’ – the abbreviation that appears alongside literary works of unknown parentage, is a fictionalized, imagined story of two writers in India, Debottam Bhattacharya and Urbish Sardar.  Their literary fates mirror those of the masters of English Literature – Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare.

Debottam is the scion of an aristocratic zamindar family in Calcutta while Urbish is the son of a fisherman in the Sunderbans. They meet in Shantiniketan.

Set in Calcutta of the sixties and seventies, with the Naxalite movement, the Zamindar Abolishment Act and the complex fibre of artistic expression colliding with political ideology of the time, Anon. explores the disparate worlds  both socially and artistically.

The author: Bhavani Iyer