Monkey See Monkey Do by Venita Coelho

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Hachette India
Book 3 of the Animal Intelligence Agency series

The Animal Intelligence Agency is a multi-species non-governmental agency. Specially trained Animals and Human agents work undercover to save animals and save the world. Some of them have the license to kill.

MISSION BRIEF: When a pigeon delivers an urgent call for help, the AIA finds itself deep in an adventure that takes them from India to London to France, into the horrific world of animal testing. Two hundred monkeys are slated to be euthanized in a laboratory, but that challenge is nothing compared to the one they stumble upon.

Led by a mysterious mastermind called Alpha, the abused lab animals have rallied to take the ultimate revenge on their tormentors. Their plan is to wipe out an entire animal species – Homo sapiens – off the face of the earth, using a deadly virus. And only Rana, Bagha and Kela can stop them.

As Rana battles against time to save himself and the human race, he encounters a Shakespeare-quoting gorilla, a French socialite, and an overweight and overwrought Miss World. But deadly deceit and betrayal is close on his heels in the toughest AIA mission yet. Will he make it?

The author: Venita Coelho