The Blue Kangaroo by Shashi Warrier

Rights: All rights available
Category: Children’s (Middle Grade)

Many years ago, the Lord of All Magic, fed up with the intrusion of humans into the lives of magical beings, withdrew to a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that he hid, by magical means, from the sight of all humans outside.

Life with magical creatures can never be dull.

The Blue Kangaroo is a magic diamond in which flickers a blue flame shaped like a kangaroo, and brings luck to the man who finds it, who becomes king of Campbridge. But an old dragon steals the Blue Kangaroo, and the finder’s luck fades away. The king dies childless, to be replaced by a regent, who announces that whoever returns the diamond to the kingdom will be the new king.

The old dragon abandons the jewel in an isolated corner of the Continent where no magic has reached yet: the Kingdom with No Name. Nobody here knows of the diamond, or that whoever returns it will be crowned king of another faraway kingdom.

It lies unclaimed in a museum until a pirate tries to steal it. But stealing it isn’t easy, for there’s an orphaned boy in the way, with a young female dragon helping him. Leo and his itchy dragon friend Hot Lips are drawn into battle with the pirate Deadly Dirk and his bloodthirsty gang to prevent Dirk from stealing the Blue Kangaroo and taking the throne of Campbridge.