The Frazzler Bear by Shashi Warrier

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Category: Children’s (Middle Grade)

Many years ago, the Lord of All Magic, fed up with the intrusion of humans into the lives of magical beings, withdrew to a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that he hid, by magical means, from the sight of all humans outside.

Life with magical creatures can never be dull.

Deep in the Dark Forest in the middle of the Hidden Continent lives the last of the Frazzler Bears, a four-ton brown bear stronger than an elephant that lives on fruit and honey. Victor, king of Oxenford, has been deposed and replaced by his cowardly cheating cousin, Schicklburger. Victor and his son Littlemoon leave the kingdom to live in a village in the forest, and there Littlemoon befriends the Frazzler.

Meanwhile, the beautiful princess Melissa of Campbridge gets lost in the forest and finds herself in the company of Victor and Littlemoon, and there finds that they are friends with the Frazzler. When she returns home, she persuades her father to announce that she will marry the first man to bring her a live Frazzler Bear. Schicklburger, desperate for Melissa’s hand in marriage, tries again and again to capture the Frazzler, but the Victor and Littlemoon join the Frazzler to defeat Shicklburger’s evil designs.