Shankracharya by Pavan K. Varma (forthcoming)

Category: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Westland  (forthcoming)

The book presents, possibly for the first time, the essence of Shankarachary’s Advaita philosophy in a readable style comprehensible to the ordinary reader not familiar with esoteric philosophical concepts. It outlines his times and the remarkable evolution of Hindu thought that preceded him, starting with the Rig Veda, the Upanishads, the other five systems of Hindu philosophy, and the materialist Charvaka and Tantric schools. The book will demonstrate that every tenet enunciated by Shankaracharya validates the findings of modern science today. Pavan K. Varma attempts to prove that science has understood its limitations, and that it was an Indian who could give an unambiguous philosophical framework that more than a millennium ago explicated, and even postulated, what science is discovering today.