The RTI Story: Power To The People by Aruna Roy (forthcoming)

 Category: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Roli Books

‘To know is to understand. To understand is to be at peace or – embattled.’
​The RTI Story: Power to the People is the story of ​a campaign that evolved into a genuine and
vibrant people’s movement.
Culled from the voices of people, often such stories only feed into the research of scholars,
largely unacknowledged and forgotten. The dominant narrative is always from the perspective of
the ruler and single individuals. One had hoped that democracy would set it right. But the people
who are the primary contributors to the discourse always remain on the fringes.
Written by Aruna Roy with the MKSS collective, this book is for everyone who asks questions,
seeks answers to fight corruption and injustice, and challenges arbitrary power. It is a celebration
of commitment laced with humour, the struggle, the songs, the theatres of protest, long spells on
the street and drafting a peoples’ law.