DaddyKins by Kalpana Mohan

Category: Non-fiction, Memoir
Publisher: Bloomsbury

When journalist Kalpana Mohan’s elderly father falls ill in Chennai, she’s on the next flight over from California and the home she has shared with her husband for three decades. Caring for her sometimes cranky, sometimes playful, and always adored father at his home in Chennai, Mohan sets out to piece together an account of her father’s life, from his poverty-stricken childhood in a village in south India, to his arranged marriage, to his first job in the city, all the while coming to terms with his inevitable passing.

Mohan’s tender, moving, and sometimes hilarious memoir is an account of a changing India captured in her father’s life, from the sheer feat of surviving poverty in the 1920s India of his birth to witnessing key moments in the nation’s history and changing alongside them. Daddykins is an intimate and deeply relatable account of our relationships with our parents whatever our age, and the shared experiences of love and grief that unite us all.

The author: Kalpana Mohan