Big Feller by Ashok Ferrey

Category: Fiction
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Having loathed him for much of his life, Sanjay de Silva finds himself awash with unexpected grief at the death of his father.

‘Of course you will now think of going abroad,’ says an old matron at the funeral. Abroad is the Great White Shark swimming out there: and the dream of every Sri Lankan is to be swallowed by it. So Sanjay finds himself in London, in one of its roughest areas, Brixton, in a house troubled at night by psychic phenomena, creaks and groans, and the canned laughter coming from the television downstairs. Hearing noises one sleepless night he goes to the kitchen. ‘Good evening, Sanjay,’ says his father . . .

Big Feller is a humorous fictionalized account of Ashok Ferrey’s life as a builder in Thatcher’s Britain, at the very start of its frenzied national obsession with real estate – the Tulip Fever of the 1980s. And an unexpected, complicated love, Sri Lankan style.