Writers of their Lives by Saket Suman

Category: Non-fiction
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Why is Arundhati Roy the way she is? What propelled Ashwin Sanghi, a well settled businessman, to venture into writing and how did he make it large? Did the eventful life of Jeet Thayil have an influence on his dark and chaotic writing? How did Romila Thapar, connected to major historical events and personalities, become a master historian, though never set out to be one? And where do all the knowledge, philosophies and values that Shashi Tharoor writes and talks of, arise from?

In Writers of their Lives, we come across five distinguished writers of our times – varied in their styles and representative of the diversity that Indian literature has to offer.

Based on elaborate conversations with the subjects, it seeks to explore the surreal world of writing and revive the literary discourse. It provides a ringside view into their lives, looks at each of them in their totality and is contained in just so few words.