Awakening to Infinite Presenceby Robert Wolfe

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Zen Publications

The deeply-felt recognition that the Absolute is all that is, and consequently that must include you, is the life-changing substance of enlightenment. All things are That, you as well as all other human beings: there is only That, in the sense of ultimate, permanent reality.

How, then, does one live one’s life when the present awareness is “I am That, and all else is That”; when the perception of being a “separate individual” has dissolved, and the ego (Latin for “I”) is no longer at the center of one’s perspective?

 “Real-i-zation” (the “enlightenment” the aspirant has sought) means “to make real”. How do we make the real—the essence of timeless reality—the central expression of the Absolute perspective we have now discovered to be inevitably our own? To “make real” in one’s life and activities the awareness that “all that is, is That” is unavoidably a life-altering engagement. Are you prepared to “live” with this discovery today?

So, the real question, the final question, is not “How am I to come to self-realization,” but “Is enlightenment what I really want?”

The author: Robert Wolfe