Science of the Sages by Robert Wolfe

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Zen Publications

Intriguing facts of the vastness and miraculous complexity of our universe, coupled with reports from scientists that inseparability is the fundamental nature of our existence. Science of the Sages, by the author of One Essence and Living Nonduality is a tour through the contemporary scientific view of the universe, from cosmology to subatomic particles, with an eye on its harmony with the conscious insight that has been the message of sages throughout human history. As Robert writes: Whether one looks out at the mysteries of a vast cosmos or narrows the view to the counter intuitive behavior of a subatomic particle, I would not be alone in maintaining that nonduality is the basic principle that explains the Whole-the “spirit” of what is “manifest in the laws of the Universe,” to borrow a phrase from Einstein. While our comprehension has only been recent, what we’re comprehending is an inseparable reality that is far more ancient than even man’s earliest intuition of Oneness-and may be the producer of that very intuition.

The author: Robert Wolfe