Dhula Rai’s Conquest of Dausa and the Early History of the Kachwahas by Maharaj Devraj Singh

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The inception of the Kachwaha kingdom of Dhundhar is ascribed to the life and conquest of the ‘bridegroom prince’ Dhularai, who is remembered as the progenitor of the royal family of Jaipur. Details of his life and achievements however remain a murky subject while his family background and its history are topics which are largely unexplored till date. This is due to a number of reasons, but mainly the lack of first-hand information arising out of his early-medieval time period (late 10th–11th century). The author attempts to narrate the hitherto largely unknown history of the Kachwaha clan of Rajputs, in the centuries prior to their move into Rajasthan, during which time they were known as the Kachaphaghatas of Narwar and Gwalior.

By piecing together various clues and relying on two of the most famous sources retelling the life of Dhularai, Maharaj Devraj has in this book attempted to paint a clearer picture of Dhularai’s family background, his life, including his conquest of Dausa which led to the inception of the Dhundhar Raj (later Jaipur state). The book concludes with the history of the fascinating district of Dausa in eastern Rajasthan, and is complimented with photographs taken by the author.

The author: Maharaj Devraj Singh