Yellow Harvest by Manoj Pandey

Category: Speculative Fiction
Rights: All rights available

Yellow Harvest is a hallucinatory account of an investigative journalist, Anton. He is trying to unravel the intrigue that surrounds Ghost Hill. While everyone believes it’s under lockdown due to the outbreak of an epidemic, Anton suspects foul play by the government – the majoritarian government with a Godot-first political USP (Godot, the religious fanatic clan). He chances upon a vial at a party. It contains a yellow liquid. This substance takes him through a hallucinatory journey that connects Godot with Ghost Hill. Through this, he discovers intel about a covert experiment. An experiment where people from Ghost Hill are being subjected to bio-hacked products, like lab rats. The products are bio-hacked using a virus called Yellow Harvest. The virus is so lethal that it recodes the brain to make one believe in anything. The government is using this to perpetuate their propaganda and gain absolute control over the country.

However, there is a counter force at play. A ghost agency by the name of Hive that subverts oppression of any kind. Yellow Harvest is a labyrinthine journey where it’s hard to tell what’s real, what’s not. Our protagonist bashes on regardless in search of the truth. Until he meets with an inconclusive end, where he finds himself consumed by the truth and turned into one of the characters from Ghost Hill.

The author – Manoj Pandey