Andrew Gretes

Andrew Gretes, poet and a novelist, published his first short story, My Papou in Lunarosity: A Journal of Poetry and Fiction by Contemporary Authors. He has since published two poems, Letter to My Friend, the Embalmer, and Newtonian Meditation in The Monarch Review, Subliminal Interiors, and one short story, Panning to the Right in Fiction Fix. At the University of Maryland, he was awarded two creative writing honours: The Katherine Anne Porter Fiction Prize and The Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing Award. He teaches college composition and literature at The Art Institute of Washington.


How to Dispose of Dead Elephants by Andrew Gretes

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: Sandstone Press

How to Dispose of Dead Elephants is an imaginative novel which explores themes of illness and identity through oracles and exorcisms, pranks and fables. The plot centres on Stubb Marakas, a young college dropout, who awakes one morning with the sudden urge to doodle Aesop’s fables. Aided by his best friend, Mark Connor (a swashbuckling Korean adoptee), the two set out to find the meaning behind this curious tick, embarking on a journey which will force the two friends to come to grips with not only Stubb’s re-emerging epilepsy and Mark’s unknown origins, but also the failing health of their childhood guru, an old Greek trickster called “Papou”. Gretes’ debut novel is a hilarious coming-of-age tale which is equally moving and entertaining.

The author: Andrew Gretes