Anshumani Ruddra

Anshumani Ruddra has authored four books for children including India’s first multiplayer game-book, The Enemy of My Enemy, and its sequel, Banana Republic. His short stories have appeared in various anthologies and he is currently putting finishing touches to his first two novels for adults, An Excess of Sanity, and You Who Never Arrived.

An Excess of Sanity by Anshumani Ruddra

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Three things will happen tomorrow at 4:37 PM (Nordic Standard Time): Briefly, I will be the most popular search on the inter-webs. Luz Saint – creator of smut, erstwhile POW, substance abuser extraordinaire, mass murderer of mediocrity – will finally come out of retirement. I will be killed.

Sikander Babel was a nobody. Then he died. And master storyteller, Luz Saint, returned from the wilderness to write his obituary. It traces the extraordinary relationship between an elusive writer and his biggest fan – two men whose lives mirrored each other while they lived in different worlds.

The author: Anshumani Ruddra

You Who Never Arrived by Anshumani Ruddra

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… The authorities are still baffled at the disappearance of a 5.5-metre-tall statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson standing on top of a 46-metre-tall Corinthian granite column in the middle of Trafalgar Square. It is now being termed a ‘national embarrassment’ and the Prime Minister will be addressing the nation at 9 PM tonight … In other news a man was rushed to the hospital when his right nostril caught fire…

One disappearance sets off a chain of events that changes the lives of three individuals forever. Ashwatthama, cursed to live for an eternity, wants redemption. He also wants money for lunch (he has survived on a steady diet of pigeons the last dozen and a half decades). Firdaus wants the dreams to stop. He doesn’t want to walk into other people’s dreams and nightmares and control them. Nuna just wants to go back home to the gods and teach them a lesson. But the gods have other plans for the three of them.

Banana Republic: The Enemy of My Enemy II by Anshumani Ruddra

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When five baboons escape from the agency to search for the mythical magic ink in Antarctica, all hell breaks loose. Do they plan to take over the world, or is it just another attempt at ensuring more bananas for their food ration? Find out in this thrilling multiplayer gamebook.