Anvita Sudarshan

Anvita Sudarshan is a writer and film maker, who spent her early days in pageantry and the modeling world.  She was Miss India Kuwait 2011 and First Runner-up of Miss India Worldwide 2012, besides being a finalist in I Am She Miss India Universe 2011 and Femina Miss India South 2010. She served as a judge for Miss India New York 2013 and Miss India USA 2013.  She also modelled extensively in the Mumbai Fashion Industry. She now focuses on writing scripts and screenplays. Anvita hopes to build an institutional framework for pageantry in India, especially for the aspirants to pursue a systematic path.  Beauty Queen, her debut novel is an important milestone in that direction.





Beauty Queen: The Pathway to Pageantry by Anvita Sudarshan (forthcoming)

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Category: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Amaryllis (forthcoming)
Rights: European and Indian language rights available

Beauty Queen: The Pathway to Pageantry is a one source book on everything that you ever wanted to know about pageantry – its meaning, history, inner mechanics, organization and required preparedness. The book unravels the meaning of pageantry and its evolution over centuries in celebration of one of life’s greatest creations – beauty! It argues how beauty is not just an epithelial image, but a deep rooted state of life encompassing body, mind, consciousness and beliefs. The book explains in detail the kind of preparedness one should adopt in reaching the top to secure the crown. The narration is simple, lucid and conversational even when treating complex concepts of body care, nutrition and mind training. The book deals with every aspect of pageant preparedness, such as – body grooming, appearance moderation, nutrition, wardrobe, catwalk, interview and judges’ perspectives, while drawing a number of examples on what worked for people and what did not. It also draws from the author’s personal experiences from a number of important pageants and provides insights into the world of pageants as well as what is expected at every stage of pageant run.

The book is the first of its kind and a unique attempt in presenting pageantry as a composition of science, art and grace in equal proportions.