Jane De Suza

Jane De Suza is known as one of the funniest writers in India today. Her novels include the recently released Happily Never After, a hilarious love story; and the detective-comedy The Spy who Lost her Head. She has also authored the best-selling laugh-out loud SuperZero series for children. She has written other books for children, stories, reviews and advertising campaigns which have travelled across the world. Jane is a management graduate and creative consultant and lives in Bengaluru.


Happily Never After by Jane De Suza

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India

A painfully funny love story, this is a wacky chronicle of a married woman’s quest for love, lust – and mustard seeds. Tina’s desperate attempts at managing her aching heart, ballooning butt and leaking roof will echo with every woman out there. Tired of writing a blog which seems to attract only pervs and castigators, Tina finally finds a suave single soulmate. But of course, she’s married. This is every woman’s love story, and you’d feel Tina’s frustration, if you could only stop laughing long enough.

SuperZero and the Clone Crisis by Jane De Suza

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Category: Children’s fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Close on the heels of his first two smash hit books, the superkid crashes into a third. The town has lost its laughs, there’s a cunning clone turning himself into everyone else, and SuperZero himself seems to be talking in strange tongues. So much trouble can only mean even more fun – for kids who have been waiting for the 3rd in this series of tummy-achingly funny books about an under-achieving kid who turns out to be a superhero.

SuperZero and the Grumpy Ghosts by Jane De Suza

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Category: Children’s Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Book 2 of the SuperZero series

The second caper of this hilarious, popular series has feisty gritty little SuperZero walk smack into ghosts who are terrorizing the local mall. Meet the looniest ghosts ever – screeching singers who steal mannequins, old buffalo-riders and even ghosts who are afraid of ghosts. The supporting cast of whackos – Anna Conda, Vamp Iyer, Tara RumPum – all play their role in creating even more hysterics. The superhero kids try their best to send the ghosts home, and as the action gets more nail-biting and rib-tickling, you’ll find yourself half-hoping the ghosts don’t disappear because then the book will end.

SuperZero by Jane De Suza

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Category: Children’s Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Book 1 of the SuperZero series

Meet a superhero who flies and crashes, smashes into invisible objects, and even loses his briefs on Day 1. That’s 10-year- old SuperZero, the gritty, grumpy kid who is destined to become a superhero but phew, is it an uphill task! Especially with all the other super kids in Supehero school – like Vamp Iyer, the vampire who drinks only milk, Anna Conda – the snake girl and Masterror, the scary ole master. An absolute romp – this children’s book – through the adventures, trials and howlers of SuperZero as he goes about trying hard to save the world. Will he find his super powers? Will he find his briefs? Will you be able to stop laughing long enough to find out?

The Spy Who Lost Her Head by Jane De Suza

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Category: Detective Humour
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India

A hilarious read that capitalizes on the humorous potential of the Indian obsession with English.

‘I am Super Spy Gulabi. I am a belly from the village searching suitable man but finding only head. It is murder most fowl. But never fear, in the backside, I am ending with a blast.’

Gulabi from Gayab arrives in the city of dreams armed with fourteen suitcases but without her pet snake, ready to catch a husband before her lease runs out. A spunky young lass with an unusual grasp of English, she manages to capture the heart of everyone she meets. She does, however, have a way of ‘forking’ things up. She falls out of windows, attacks her landlord more than once and even sets the apartment on fire.

When, to her horror, she finds herself in possession of a man’s head, she does the only decent thing: she vows to find his killers. The trail leads us through danger and drunken poetry, big laughs and bigwigs. Now if only our brave belle can solve the dead-head riddle, without losing her own.