Kartik Dattani

Young, Bengaluru-based doctor, Kartik Vijay Dattani is also a writer and a screenwriter, with a fervour for mystery and suspense. Kartik has over a decade of active amateur experience in writing fiction, mostly in the thriller/mystery genre.

In a passionate, ongoing attempt to sculpt a beautiful statue from a block of stone, Kartik has taken professional classes in writing delivered by the crème de la crème of the field (Dan Brown, David Baldacci, James Patterson, Neil Gaiman and Aaron Sorkin) upon the Masterclass portal, and also a few others on Udemy. Apart from that, he has actively participated in writing workshops, screenwriting contests, owns a blog page and is himself an avid reader of both prose fiction and non-fiction, with war-history among his favourites. He is also extremely interested in screenwriting and is currently working on his first screenplay.

When not absorbed in creating the next nail-biting scenario, Kartik can be found working, teaching, reading a book or indulging in photography, learning a new skill, playing the keyboard and spending time with his parents and loved ones.

His book:
To Dance in a Hurricane