Keya Ghosh

Keya Ghosh retired early as a teacher of English for a girls’ school in the hills. Tired of confiscating trashy romance novels from the girls, ‘that did nothing for either their idea of adult relationships or their ability to write English’, she decided to take up the challenge of reinventing the chick lit novel. She is working on a trio of novels in the calm environs of a tiny hill station in northern India. Her early retirement also allows her to pursue her hobby of tracing the lost works of the early female Bhakti poets.


All Our Days by Keya Ghosh

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The three of them met at a séance where the moving coin spelt out the bond that would hold them together – they would be held by friendship, love and blood for all their days.

Their friendship grew in the girls’ hostel where they learnt to survive the city of Mumbai. Chandni was from the small town of Bareilly but determined to be a star. Manini was a Delhi girl brought up with lots of money and very little love. Iravati remained a mystery with a past that she refused to talk about. It was love that led to the first break in their friendship. But it was their love for each other that drew them back again. Then blood was spilt – and they were bound together for all their days.

A story of living, loving and surviving the hard city of Mumbai. Of following your dreams when no one except your friends will stand by you. This book tells the story of three girls whose friendship sustains them through heartbreak, loss and finally murder.

No More Tomorrows by Keya Ghosh

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Category: Fiction
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The girl on the bed was beautiful, she was young and she was rich. And she was dying. For all the money that her businessman father spent, he could not buy her one more day. Then, suddenly, the past offered hope.

Sheetal Khandelwal discovers the family secret. She is not an only child. She has a twin sister who was lost at a railway station when they were both children. A twin could be a perfect bone marrow match. Her father manages to track his lost daughter down – only to discover that she is a prostitute in Grant Road. The girl who has known only the gullies of Grant Road finds herself transported to the world of the super-rich. The two sisters meet and find that they have nothing in common – except that one of them can save the other’s life. With the shadow of death over them, they struggle to find a bond that will last beyond tomorrow.

In Another Time By Keya Ghosh

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Category: Fiction
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She is a simple housewife, running her home, looking after her husband and children. But in another time she was something else. And the past is about to catch up with her.

Durga has tried very hard to leave her family secret behind. The secret she discovered when she came home to India after having been brought up in America all her life. She returned to an extremely protective family. She was not allowed out of the house without an escort. Her father had told her he and his business were under threat. But then she learnt the truth of the family business in a hail of bullets. Her father was actually a key underworld figure. She and her sister were the only survivors of a bloodbath that wiped out the rest of the family. They fled and Durga left that life behind.

But her father had told her, “You may leave the past. The past will never leave you.” Now the past is back and the simple housewife will have to make some very difficult choices to survive.