Mayur Sharma

Mayur Sharma’s name is synonymous with the TV food show Highway On My Plate. He also writes on food, travel and current affairs for publications such as Food & Nightlife,, and New York Times. He has co-authored two books – Highway On My Plate: the Guide to Indian Roadside Eating (Volume 1 & 2) – with Rocky Singh. Based on their TV show, the books have won a Best in World award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2012 & 2014 respectively). The first was a runaway bestseller while the second is jogging hard and well on it’s way to getting there.


Indian Street Food by Rocky Singh, Mayur Sharma

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Indian food is an endless array of flavours and tastes that are perhaps best represented by the street food of India. This book is a journey into the mind-boggling variety of endless recipes that feed our nation. Entire cuisines never catalogued before, styles of cooking that range from the sublime to the surreal, this unique book showcases a country’s culinary wealth and is a kaleidoscope of its cultures and people. A kebab with one hundred and sixty eight ingredients, a pepper so hot that people have reportedly died after eating it, a family preparing and serving the same recipe for the last fifteen generations, a kitchen that serves over 75000 people every day. A book as unique and colourful as India itself…

Managing Success…and Some Seriously Good Food by Rocky Singh, Mayur Sharma (forthcoming)

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They’ve been teaching Business Theory for the last twenty years and their food show is now approaching three hundred episodes. How do they do it? This book tells you all about how to love what you do AND how to do what you love. The tongue in cheek humour and always unique and refreshing insights into management and leadership by the ‘Rock stars’ of the Indian food scene: Rocky and Mayur. Manage your business, your life and above all, do it with a smile. Essential for those trying to find that ideal work life balance… slightly skewed towards happiness! …work! …happiness! …work!