Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna is the author of the novels We Weren’t Lovers Like That, The Exile, and the short story collection Winter Evenings and Folktales of Poland. His non-fiction works are The Book of Nanak, Indians at Herod’s Gate, a translation of Guru Gobind Singh’s Zafarnama, and Savage Harvest, the translation of Punjabi partition stories. His literary column Second Thoughts that appeared in The Hindu has been published as a collection. He contributes regularly to The Times Literary Supplement, BBC World Service, London Magazine, and other journals. A member of the Indian Foreign Service, he has served as a diplomat in several capitals, as the foreign office spokesman and India’s Ambassador to Israel. He is currently the Indian Ambassador to the United States of America.



We Weren’t Lovers Like That by Navtej Sarna

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Rights: Indian Language Rights Available (excluding Hindi)

At the beginning of the new millennium, Aftab’s life came undone. He turned forty, and his wife of fourteen years left him for another man, taking their only child with her.

Now he is on a train to Dehradun, the town of his childhood, doing the one thing he feels he is still good at: running away. As he looks back on his imperfect past, crowded with personal and professional compromises, only a slim hope saves him from despair: perhaps this flight will give him a second chance to reclaim a long-lost love that could have been his, had he the courage of his convictions. And then he can start afresh.

With uncommon sensitivity and a rare understanding of human emotions, Sarna has produced a poignant account of a life of missed opportunities and approximate loves.

The Folk Tales of Poland by Navtej Sarna

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Category: Short Stories (Non-fiction)
Rights: All rights available

A collection of fables, folk tales and legends from Poland reflecting the culture and rich traditions of the Polish people. The tales are a mix of the purely entertaining and the historical: stories of princesses, witches as well as magic in the never-never land of clouds and castles breathe alongside stories based in history and located in well-known places of present-day Poland. The book provides delightful fare for readers of all ages.

Second Thoughts by Navtej Sarna

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Category: Non-fiction/ Essays
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India
Rights:  World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent)

From the rose gardens of Shiraz to the snow-powdered hillside above Kabul, from the water and stone mirages of St Petersburg to gritty Mumbai, the evocative essays in this collection combine travel and literature using a charming mix of the personal impression and incisive literary criticism. Written over seven years for the Hindu Literary Review from the cocoon of a book-lined study, digging into forgotten second-hand bookshops, trekking the Himalayan hills or searching out far-flung literary sites around the globe, Navtej Sarna never veers far from the essential focus of these essays: the love of books and the men who write them.