Padma Narayanan

Padma Narayanan has translated a number of books of famous, seminal Tamil writers like La Sa Ramamrutham, Indira Parthasarathy, Anuthama and Aadavan as well as collections of short stories by Appadurai Muttulingam, and the work of younger innovative writers like Yuvan Chandrasekhar and Krishangini. Two of her translations have been published in British Council’s anthology, Routes. Her current projects include a translation from English to Tamil of V. Sriram’s The Devadasi and the Saint. She has translated Poison Roots by Jeya Mohan to English.




Poison Roots by Jeya Mohan, translated to English by Padma Narayanan

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Category: Fiction
Publisher (English): Amaryllis

Poison Roots is about a young boy’s disillusionment with people around him. Contrary to his initial opinions, he finds hypocrisy in people from all walks of life, whether it is the traditional Brahmin, the charismatic party member, the biased politicians, the academics, or the students. The hero finds that though he himself does not believe in either caste or religion, his upper-caste background follows him through life, to either speak for or against him at various points.



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