Pia Bakshi

Staying true to her Gen Y persona, Pia Bakshi adorns multiple roles. A student of Liberal Arts with a special concentration in English Literature from Ashoka University, she has a multidisciplinary writing practice. As an Assistant Professor in English and a Roll of Honor in Elocution, Pia has learnt and taught the written word across socioeconomic backgrounds. She runs PhilARThropy, a volunteer-driven social organisation committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space for art education, appreciation and creation through pedagogic interventions and skill development in under-resourced communities. As an art educator, Pia also works in curriculum development and school transformation plans in rural and urban India. Her poems and academic work have been published online and in print. A Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, a Young India Fellow and an Art Fellow at Ashoka University, Pia also works as a scriptwriter for theatre productions and documentary films. As an academic and tutor, Pia has taught Art Appreciation, Literary Theory, Gender, Post Colonial Literature, Communication and Heritage Studies. As an artist, Pia practices Zentangle and Abstract Expressionism. She is a singer-songwriter who also plays the guitar and ukulele.

When Pia is not on stage presenting papers or before a class/board talking art and literature or playing the guitar for her students, she can be found observing humans and the banality of their everyday patterns. This book is an outcome of this interest as demonstrated over years.

Her book:
Predicament of a 21st-Century Millennial