Pragati Sureka

Pragati Sureka is in an everlasting relationship with books. Since an early age, she has read vociferously, contributed articles for the school chronicle, journaled and written in some form or the other. Her formal writing career started last year. Handbook of Emotions is Pragati’s third book. Her earlier work includes Musings: An Insight into Me and a forthcoming fictional piece, to be published by Scholastic later this year. She has also published articles in reputed magazines pertaining to parenting, mental health and well-being.

She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, working in the realm of mental health since the last fifteen years. Apart from her dual qualifications in Clinical and Occupational Health Psychology, she has professional credentials from Harvard Medical School, Boston; The Psychometric Centre at The University of Cambridge; and Beck Institute, Philadelphia.

Her book:
The Handbook of Emotions