Revant is a 25 year old author who left his Wall Street job and turned down an MBA offer from IIM Bangalore to pursue his dream of improving the thought process of the Indian youth. Revant is the author of #Selfienomics, a self-help comedy book targeted towards young adults.

Revant is a Certified Health Coach and a graduate of New York University, Stern School of Business. Revant has spoken at several TEDx events and was shortlisted under 30 under 30 for “incredible contribution in health” by IIN.





Selfienomics: A Seriously Funny Guide to Living the Good Life by Revant

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Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Bloomsbury India

“Original version of a #selfie: Taking a photo of yourself rather than having someone else take it for you. You try out various filters and select the one that makes you look your best. #Selfienomics version of a #selfie: reflecting on different aspects of your life and taking the initiative to improve so that you can be the best version of yourself.”

And so begins Selfienomics, the first Indian self-help book written for young people by a young entrepreneur who speaks their language. Offering workable, practical advise on how to manage finances, start a business, complete creative projects and how to be a better citizen, Selfienomics is so funny, upbeat and entertaining, it’s not just a must-read but also a mast-read.