Rina Singh

Rina Singh has written several critically acclaimed books for children including Guru Nanak, Nearly Nonsense: Hoja Tales from Turkey, Trickster Tales, Why Snow is White. Her short stories for children have appeared in Chickadee (Canada) and Kahani (U.S). She has also published a volume of Gulzar’s poetry translations, Silences.



Hindi for Heart by Gulzar, illustrated by Rina Singh

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Category: Poetry
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India

This alphabet book is a tribute to the iconic images, symbols, and signature Indian experiences in verses that are profound, wise, playful, and lyrical. But each verse has Gulzar’s stamp on it. The intention of the book is to celebrate India as we all know it – in its own language by its own celebrated poet who can elevate even a cloud filled with rain into a deeply emotional experience.

Captivating water colour illustrations by Rina Singh are subtly rich in colour and evoke a nostalgia of all things Indian..