Rinki Roy Bhattacharya

Rinki Roy Bhattacharya is a writer, consultant, filmmaker, researcher, columnist and activist. She is the founder and chairperson of the Bimal Roy Foundation. Her published works include Cuisine Creations from Bengal, The Man Who Spoke In Pictures: Bimal Roy, Uncertain Liaisons: Sex, Strife and Togetherness in Urban India, Behind Closed Doors: A Study of Domestic Violence, Janani: Mothers, Daughters and Motherhood, Bengal Spices, and Bimal Roy’s Madhumati: Untold Stories from Behind the Scenes.


Memoirs of a Defiant Daughter by Rinki Roy Bhattacharya

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Category: Memoir
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In her candid and unapologetic style, Rinki Roy Bhattacharya reflects upon the events and people from her life who shaped and supported her, friends she grew up with, lost or simply left behind.

With a wry yet tender eye she takes on the long journey from Kolkata’s discreet elegance to Bombay’s filmy glitz… makes stops at important junctions, picks up passengers then moves towards her final destination.

Madhumati by Rinki Roy Bhattacharya

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Category: Cinematic Non-fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications India

From a director celebrated for his pioneering work on neo-realism and a body of socially committed cinema – Bimal Roy’s Madhumati remains an enigma and a mystery. The book pushes open doors to the period when the film was conceived. Through the eyes of the three leading stars of the film – Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala and Pran, the author rewinds to the past. She discovers hitherto unknown facts to present what can be a key to the enigma.

The Man Who Spoke in Pictures: Bimal Roy by Rinki Roy Bhattacharya

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Category: Cinematic Anthology
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

The book is not just a eulogy to the great director, Bimal Roy but also an insight into Roy, the man, the director and his art. The author’s little-known Bengal phase is chronicled by Mahasweta Devi and Amit Chaudhuri, as well as Tapan Sinha, Amit Bose and other greats of cinema who trace his journey from cinematographer to director.