Sadguru Rameshji

Sadhguru Rameshji (officially Sri Ramesh Jain) is a businessman turned new age spiritual guru. Be it meditating in the Himalayas, setting up new industries, practicing strict Hatha yoga and doing astral travel, also known as purposeful out of body travel; he has done it all. He likes to laugh at life’s most serious ponderings and helps others to do the same. His achievements, physical and spiritual, are the culmination of his life’s philosophy to achieve the bliss of liberation regardless of the circumstances one may exist in. Unfettered by restrictions of any religion, he has remained focused on the message rather than the medium. Initially under the guidance of Shri Rajendra Brahmachari Ji, he mastered the techniques of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. As his journey progressed he was graced by Swamy Sri Poornananda and bestowed the knowledge of pure consciousness. That knowledge which has helped him to see joy and sorrow no differently, to realise that everything and everyone is simply a manifestation of the pure consciousness. He has channeled his energies to achieve this by founding the Poornananda Ashram. Under the umbrella activities of the ashram, those who seek the truth are guided by Sadhguru Rameshji. He writes columns for several publications, one among which is Mystic Mantra in Deccan Chronicle and Hindi Milap of Hyderabad. There are more than 400 videos of his discourses on YouTube.

His books:
Soul Mantra
Soul Selfie: How to Click into Your Real Self