Sanjay Chopra

Sanjay Chopra is a pilot with an international airline. The history of various cultures fascinates him. His mind dwells on the gaps that conventional history leaves. And from these black holes, come many interesting tales. Many of these stories have won international awards. He has authored of a collection of short stories, Talespin: Stories, and co-authored The Wrong Turn: Love and Betrayal in the Time of Netaji.


The Wrong Turn: Love and Betrayal in the Time of Netaji by Sanjay Chopra, Namita Roy Ghose

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: Om Books

1944, Kohima – a small, sleepy town in northeast India. Subhash Bose and his Indian National Army (INA) along with the Japanese, are on the brink of bringing the Empire to its knees and forcing the British out of India. But, inexplicably, the tables turn. The INA’s advance is thwarted and the victory march to Delhi is halted. Seventy years later, the British admit that the Battle of Kohima was the greatest battle they had ever fought. Even more so than the battles of Waterloo and Dunkirk.

Was it then that old Indian curse – betrayal? Someone from within Netaji’s own ranks? Were there forces other than the British, waiting in the shadows closer to home, who stood to gain even more from the INA’s defeat? Or was it just love that irrevocably altered the course of India’s destiny?

The Wrong Turn: Love and Betrayal in the Time of Netaji, is a sweeping tale of passion set against the freedom struggle. Debraj, the rakish playboy and scion of a distinguished Calcutta family, and Nishomko, the fiery revolutionary sworn to the cause of the INA, must not only fight their common enemy, but also for the love of Aditi, the rebel with the healing touch.

A haunting tale of love, friendship and betrayal of an entire nation, The Wrong Turn veers inexorably towards a poignant redemption.